Banana Leaf Wraps and Fronto / Grabba Leaf - Whole Leaf Tobacco

Negril Hills Smoke Company offers Banana Leaf Cones and Fronto/Grabba tobacco leaf wraps for smoking. The pre-rolled banana leaf cones as well as our Fronto and Grabba whole-leaf tobacco, give smokers a variety of options to choose from when rolling their preferred cigars or blunts. All our leaf, cones, and  wraps, are exciting alternatives to traditional rolling papers. Our products are of premium quality with superior taste and a smooth, mellow smoking experience.

 The organic pre-rolled banana leaf cones are expertly hand-rolled giving each their own unique characteristics. Available in 50 and 30 cone boxes


The Grabba whole leaf and fronto leaf wraps are from leaves of our high-grade tobacco plant. The leaves are impressive in size, quality, and texture.


The Negril Hills organic hemp rolling papers are thin, unbleached, chlorine-free, and 100% eco-friendly.  This is a premium  paper

Red Rose and Red Herring Grabba available soon


Organically Grown Non-GMO  Slow Burning  Smooth Tasting   100% Premium Quality

Our hand-rolled Banana Leaf Cones and Fronto/Grabba tobacco leaf wraps are organically grown in the Caribbean and the adjoining  regions.  The leaves are hand picked and inspected to ensure quality products that are distinctively what smokers expect.  If you are looking to roll your own backwoods style cigar or a cannabis blunt, our leaf wraps will provide total smoker satisfaction.

The pre-rolled Banana Leaf Cones  are unbleached, and organic. They are individually hand rolled and sealed with vegetable gum. A natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional rolling paper and our sales shows that this is a female fan favorite.

The Fronto/Grabba is a premium high grade tobacco leaf. The leaves are impressive in size, quality and texture. The curing  enhances the rich color and distinctive flavor and taste. Sold as a full leaf or sized for wraps, this quality tobacco is  normally reserved for the finest cigars”.

We are confident that our natural leaves will provide the best blunt wraps for smokers.


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If you choosing to consume cannabis do it in a healthy, safe and knowledgeable way. Health Canada’s Warnings