Banana Leaf Wraps

Negril Hill’s banana leaf wrap for smoking, are all natural, organic blunt wrap with no GMO ingredients. They are vegan friendly and free of the harmful ingredients found in traditionally paper rolling papers. These million banana leaf smoking wraps provide a slow, clean smoking experience without the harshness of traditional blunt wraps.

The banana leaves are hand selected, cleaned and cured to ensure quality wraps that provide a clean smoking delivery. As a result, the natural banana leaf wrap are a favorite of those looking a fresh, smooth burn.

These rolling leaves are individually hand-rolled  into the popular pre-roll banana leaf cones.

The Banana leaves have been used traditionally for various purposes because they are large and flexible. Additionally, smoking with banana leaf helps to mask the smell of the herb you are smoking.  Certainly this is as natural as you can get rolling your blunts.

 Give the hand-rolled cones a try today.


Grabba whole leaf Fronto
Elevate your smoking experience