Banana Leaf wrap for banana blunts:

This banana leaf wrap is possibly the best natural blunt wrap available. This wrap is specifically used for rolling pre-rolled banana leaf cones. We are proud to offer millions of banana leaves for consumers to roll their blunts with. This natural and organic alternative to paper is free of any GMO ingredients.

These unbleached wraps are harvested from hand-selected, cleaned, and cured banana leaves, offering a slow smoking experience with a smooth burn. Traditional methods are used to cultivate the banana fields. Every effort is made to keep fertilizers and other harmful chemicals away from the crops.

Banana leaves from the banana plant have been used traditionally for various purposes, and they are popular for smoking due to their large size and flexibility. Additionally, they help to conceal the scent of the herb, providing a discreet and natural experience.

If you’re searching for a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional blunt wraps, then Negril Hills banana leaf wraps and cones may be just what you need. In fact, by trying the pre-rolled banana leaf cones, you can experience the benefits of banana leaf wraps first hand. Notably, the leaf wrapper used in making the Banana Leaf cones is described as woodsy and smokey, providing blunts with an aromatic flavor. Additionally, you can check out customer reviews to see what others have to say.

banana leaf wraps

The Banana Leaf cones use a leaf wrapper described as woodsy and smokey, providing blunts with an aromatic flavor. Customers can read customer reviews on this page.