Pre-Rolled Banana Leaf Cones

Negril Hills Smoke Company (formerly Vale Republic) product line includes the sought after pre-rolled Banana leaf cones. The cones are hand-rolled and sealed with an organic gum. The cones are not pre-filled and comes with a packing stick for convenience. As a result, you can easily fill and firmly pack the cones with your favorite herb of choice. These pre-rolled cones hold 0.8 grams each.

The leaves are from banana trees grown in the Caribbean and the South American regions. Cultivating the banana fields utilizes traditional farming methods. Every effort is made to keep fertilizers and other harmful chemicals away from the crops while keeping a focus on the sustainability and ecological safety of the plantations.

The banana leaves are unbleached, and organic thus enhancing the smoking pleasure by allowing the herb be the center of the experience.  Furthermore, our cones are described as woodsy, and smokey, and with an aromatic flavor. It is smooth to inhale and also a perfect alternative to traditional rolling papers. Above all, the cones create the best blunt wrap for users seeking an easy to roll all-natural smoking product.  

Finally, results of our Negril Hills research show that the Banana Leaf cones are an instant hit with female smokers.  It is equally favored among individuals and groups alike.  A noteworthy fact is that it is naturally free of nicotine. In contrast to tobacco wraps the Banana leaf is considered a safer alternative. More on the Banana Leaf Cones here

Our goal at Negril Hills Smoke Company is to provide consumers with the ultimate cone. We invite you to give it a try and enjoy it. Moreover, we would love to hear about your experience or get your feedback here.

Hand-Rolled Banana Leaf Cones

Slow Burning and smooth smoking Banana Leaf Cones

Just stuff it, puff it and enjoy the experience.

For decades, Jamaican Rastafarians have been rolling and smoking banana leaf spliffs. More recently, it was introduced commercially to countries such as the USA, and Canada. To see an elder Rastafarian rolling and smoking a banana leaf joint, Click here