Frequently Asked Question

Hand rolled Banana leaf cones are individually hand rolled cones from the leaves of the banana plant. These leaves are 100% natural slow burning and as a result provides an enjoyable smoking experience. The cones can be packed with your favorite herb of choice for smoking.

Grabba Leaf is the Fonto tobacco leaf and also used as a wrapper for blunt cigars. It is sold as a whole leaf, or packaged pre-cut for rolling, or by the pound. The leaf is certainly a favorite of RYO/MYO blunt cigar smokers. More about Fonto / Grabba leaf.

Yes. It is just raw tobacco leaf and is therefore legal for individual use

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They are organically grown, free of pesticides, and chemical processing. Consequently they are an ideal alternative to traditional rolling paper. More all natural leaf wrap products

Banana leaf cones are first of all nicotine free, 100% natural, making it even more a vegan friendly smoking wrap.

Slow Burning and Smooth

100% Natural