Fronto/Grabba Tobacco Leaf

The Fronto leaf which is also known as Grabba leaf is a big favorite of weed smokers. For years the roll-your-own industry has embraced its high-quality smoking experience. The leaves of the tobacco plant have a dark chocolate color, and a smooth texture and it is rich in flavor. This quality tobacco is grown in Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States. The Fronto tobacco has a history as an exquisite smoking leaf. Users are cult-like in their love for the Fronto /Grabba tobacco leaf.


Grabba whole leaf fronto and fronto wraps

About whole-leaf Fronto?
Whole leaf Fronto is the full leaf of the premium, high-grade Fronto tobacco plant. This quality of tobacco is by marijuana users for decades. A premium Fronto/Grabba whole leaf is generally large with very few holes.  The whole leaf can be de-veined, torn, or cut into smaller strips and used by smokers as a wrapper to roll a grabba cigar.
It became the leaf of choice for weed smokers when needing a smoke. Hence the name Grab-A-Leaf. Not only does the leaf act as a wrapper, but it is also broken down and crashed into small flakes. This crushed tobacco blends well with other herbs when rolling a joint. These tobacco cigar provides a smooth satisfying smoke.
What makes a better Fronto tobacco? 
The strain, the region and where it is grown. additionally, the farm and farming methods used in harvesting and processing. The best fronto is air-cured to perfection. Other leaves such as the Red Herring are fire cured and is of a quality and tasting leaf.
With packaged tobacco, the buyer is not sure of the variety of leaves, and how harvested and cured. The consumer must rely on the smell, color, texture, and taste to determine the quality of the leaf. This is why Original Grabba is a recommended brand. Experienced Original Grabba farmers grow, cure and produce the best tobacco leaves. After harvesting, the tobacco is air cured and then aged to perfection. It is then then packaged to keep it fresh.
FRESHNESS TIP: Make sure the zip lock on the pouch is secure and sealed. See additional tips on how to keep my grabba fresh.
Where can I find Grabba tobacco leaf?
Questions often asked are where can I find Fronto orb grabba Leaf near me or is Grabba Leaf discontinued? This will depend on what state you are in. Original Grabba is in many US states including Florida, California, and New York. It is also sold in Canada
As a general reminder, fronto / grabba leaf is not for sale to minors and buyers must be the age 18 in the USA and of 21 in Canada. Tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. 
Original Grabba packages carry the warning. More information on this can is at,
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