Banana Leaf Cones

A natural alternative to traditional rolling papers. Easy to pack and easy to smoke.

Now available in 30 and 50 cone boxes

Natural Banana Leaf Cone Boxes
Banana Leaf cone for smoking

Smooth Tasting Slow Burning
All Natural

These banana leaf cones for smoking are hand-rolled by experts to perfection. Once lit, the exotic blend is enjoyable, smooth tasting, and slow-burning.  It is perfect for users seeking an all-natural, smooth, smoking experience.

pre rolled banana leaf cone

30 & 50 Cones Boxes

Sealed For Freshness

The Banana Leaf Cone comes beautifully packaged with 15 or 25 pouches in a box. Each pouch contains two cones and a packing stick. There are a total of fifty filter-tipped cones per box. The Boxes serve as a POP display that allows the selling of single pouch.


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