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Banana Leaf cone’s YouTube review gets over 91k views

Today Vale Republic’s Banana Leaf cone had its first independent YouTube review. It was viewed 31k times during the hours following the showing the day is not done. The review was from an unbiased smoking connoisseur. The review was nicely done, very interesting and funny to watch. The product was well smoked, even passing the triple hit test. Very important is that they rated the product 8 out of 10 while saying that it is smoother than the top natural product on the market.

Currently, the Vale Republic website caters only to direct wholesale purchasing but due to the strong demand from visitors we will be soon open it up for consumers to make a direct purchase online.  For those who are interested in purchasing online, contact us and let us know. We will send you a DISCOUNT PROMO CODE to use when consumer purchasing kicks in.  In the meantime let your local stores know about the product and tell us where you shop, so we can have it on a shelf near you.  We have made the video available here so you can sit back and watch the review!

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