pre rolled Banana leaf Cones


We Roll It…You Pack It

One question we often receive is if our pre-rolled cones are the same as pre-rolled joints? The answer is no. Our cones are not pre-filled.
Inspired by the culture of herbalists from Jamaica and the Caribbean, all Vale Republic banana leaf cones are hand-rolled by experts to perfection. In doing so each cone is unique in its own skin but consistent in styling and sizing. They also come with a special banana leaf designed filter tip within the cone itself.
The cones are all-natural in their manufacturing process with no chemicals added, non-GMO, no bleaching and 100% tobacco-free. They are also packaged and sealed for freshness.  Our hand-rolled cones are a natural alternative to a traditional rolling paper and safe to use.
The Vale Republic cones provide a sense of style, sophistication, and elegance. They are ideal for non-rollers and people who are too lazy to roll. All that is required is to pack it with your favorite flower, light it up and enjoy an exceptional smoking experience, pleasing to even the most discerning connoisseur.
Natural Banana Leaf Cone and filter tip

Vale Republic filter tipped banana leaf cones

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Hand-Rolled Banana Leaf Cones

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